The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift: My Heart

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching – I want to share an incredible work of art from a kind friend. Please join me in keeping him in your thoughts and prayers, and wish him the best of health. This Valentine’s Day think about all those who may not be able to enjoy the day in the same way as you and your loved ones – maybe because they’re single 😉 or maybe because they’re too sick to enjoy it.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift: My Heart

For that very special someone, artist David Foox has created a work of art that is limited to a very small number of pieces. His own heart painted using heavy duty acrylic (hand mixed from powder to liquid paint by the artist himself), on top of an X-Ray of his own chest. The number of pieces are directly related to the amount of radiation he is able to withstand in a year and all done for this year’s Valentine’s Day. “I hope I don’t get sick and need any more X-Rays, cause according to my doctor I am not allowed any more radiation!”, says FOOX in talking about this Valentine’s Day special series of Hearts.

Each piece comes framed in a backlit box and exudes a very spooky and personal quality about it. “Imagine having your very own heart painted on top of an X-Ray of your body,” continues FOOX in talking about his work.

These pieces are limited to only 8 and each is hand painted and unique. If you are interested in giving one of these to your true love, too late, they are already sold out. But with a price tag of $3,000 per Heart, they nothing to sneeze (or cough) at.

You can view more of FOOX’s work at his website (

PS: FOOX reports that as soon as he is able to withstand more radiation, he will do a 4th of July series of 8 back X-Rays with the spine painted. “America needs a little back bone right about now,” says FOOX.



Please note that Rare Disease Day is coming up on February 28, 2010.

Rare Disease Day

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